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About Realty Sales Pros


Realty Sales Pros, Inc. (RSP) is a residential real estate sales and leasing company that maintains offices in La Jolla and Beverly Hills, California. RSP takes great pride in the fact that our real estate agents are highly trained professional agents who provide the ultimate in realty expertise and negotiating skills on behalf of our Sellers, Buyers and Tenant clients. RSP was founded with the goal that RSP agents would continually strive to enhance their real estate skill levels, utilizing the most current marketing and negotiating training programs to ensure our RSP clients at all times are represented by the best in the business - Realty Sales Pros, Inc.

Realty Sales Pros, Inc. is owned and operated by Broker/Sales Manager Patrick Alexander. Patrick has been selling real estate for 25 years and also holds a Law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law. He is the founder of USA College of Real Estate, where he trains real estate agents across America at various board of realtor associations in the U.S.

Realty Sales Pros, Inc. takes great pride in training new or experienced agents. IF you have a desire to start or expand a real estate career, you should contact Patrick Alexander at 858.829.2539. Alexander has helped countless agents across the United States build successful real estate careers and he can do the same for you today. Prior to taking you final state exam, you need to pass your 3 required courses for the State of California Bureau of Real Estate. It takes about 4-5 months to actually become licensed to sell real estate and there is a nominal fee of around $170 to train on-line.

So if you're in the market for Selling, Buying or Renting - Realty Sales Pros, Inc. can and will provide you the best professional service in the business. Feel free to contact any of our RSP agents listed on this site. Furthermore, if you want to start a career in Real Estate, contact Patrick Alexander to get started today.

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