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I have always been drawn to creating comfort in my environment since I was young. Being content and happy in the environs of your home is a major part of the overall success of your life.

I was raised in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. My father, being an entrepreneur before anyone recognized what that entailed, bought, sold and developed land in various parts of New England.

I have always been involved in the many different aspects of buying and selling residential property and developing land. I understand how emotionally trying the process can be.

For your Real Estate transaction, my focus is to make the entire process of buying or selling your property as effortless as possible and to give you great comfort and satisfaction.

The personal parts of my life that bring me Peace and Happiness are my daughters, our dogs, my awesome friends and staying healthy.

To contact you can call Kate at (858) 336-0012 or email Kate directly at katherinelundy20@gmail.com

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